December 9, 2022 ◊ Blog
By Lynn Bromley

I’m Exhausted! Maybe you are too?

I’m Exhausted!

“I'm exhausted from doing my best and near best everyday I'm afflicted with chronic extraordinary-ism just like almost every woman I know.” Lynn Bromley

My tree isn’t up, I just missed the trash truck, I forgot to put those little “2023” stickers on my license plate so I drive around hoping a cop doesn’t stop me (I’d put them on today, but it’s raining). I need to get my snow tires put on, and oh yeah, my deck furniture is….well still on the deck and one of these days it’s going to snow.  I’ve put off grocery shopping so long breakfast was some peanut butter on an apple, and it may well be ramen noodles for dinner if I don’t get there today, AND I’m trying to make this first blog post perfect which means I’m procrastinating.

None of this is serious and some of it is funny, but all of it and so much more is exhausting!

So here are a couple of the questions I want to ponder with you:

  • how often do you experience frustration, overwhelm or exhaustion?
  • how often do you experience joy, contentment, fulfillment?

and tacit in the above questions is a call to all of us to find ways to do more of the later and less of the former.

There is a steady undercurrent of noise about how best to empower women and how we can be empowered as women while we continue to over function in a system that is not rigged in our favor -  one that for generations has been rife with systemic gender inequality. Justice is nearer for us than it was for our foremothers, but we are not there yet.

So what do we do in the meantime? We can't wait for justice. We live in the present and need and deserve to experience joy and abundance in greater quantities than overwhelm and exhaustion.

“On our way to justice we must nourish ourselves and each other. We can do that by reaching toward each other using the magic of sisterhood individually and in the comfort and power of the group to remember and remind ourselves that women don't need to be empowered as much as we need to be unencumbered.” Me again

Let’s begin right now.  Back to the tree and my too long To Do list. If we were together in person and I was telling you this, what would be your first response?

I can guess…maybe just a “no kidding” or you might recite your undone list of things, or you might remind me that I ought not aim for perfection, or perhaps you’d offer to hold the umbrella while I affix my stickers to my license plate or we might simply have a laugh. Even as I write this I can feel the promise of relief in this imaginary exchange.

And to take this one step further from imagining to doing, please drop something in the comments section below.  Answer the questions above, comment on your own experience with being extraordinary, list your undone tasks, leave an anecdote or example, a suggestion or even an emoji to let us know how you’re feeling. The moment you do that we are connected (for that moment) - in a sisterhood moment.

In the weeks ahead I will explore the many and various ways we can operationalize sisterhood, from a moment of understanding eye contact with a stranger, to groups we might curate and how to do both and each, and most importantly - I invite you to bring your presence to the discussion – to the community – to the sisterhood.

Additionally, I would be honored, and we all will be enriched, if you sign on to the waitlist for the upcoming Sister Group Communities where we will explore tools and topics together through intimate virtual meetups, interviews, online postings, and discussion.  Community members will be invited to learn, share, practice and enjoy the techniques, value, and joys of intentional sisterhood.

Looking forward to enjoying your sisterhood in the New Year.


8 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted! Maybe you are too?”

  1. Sign me up.
    My first response to your post was “faiz we need to go over to Lynn’s to put her deck furniture away!”
    My second response was – I wish I had the time to figure out how better to allow myself grace and to feel like I had the time to meaningfully nourish myself and those in my circle. Count me in.

  2. Well, for me, I try not to fuss. It’s all in the perception. There’s never enough time and there’s always too much. The way one feels is no one’s “fault,” including one’s own, but allowing a pile of self-imposed expectations to build up is a recipe for joy-ruination.

    Here’s how I try to manage worry and anxiety. Either deal with it, delegate it or dismiss it. If worrying is your meditation, fair enough, but don’t let it become your reason for being. If you’d rather perfect your blog than make the bed, so be it! Who cares but you? Own your decisions and move on.

    Engage in “vital few” thinking. Not everything is mission critical. Learn how to take short cuts — even if they cost a little more. (Hello, grocery delivery.) And figure out why some things are too hard. (Tarp that deck furniture! Don’t move it!)

    Exceptionalism is okay if it brings you joy. But confusing too much for just enough is your deal! Revise your expectations and live smart, not hard.

    Love, Brenda

  3. So we’re two weeks away from Christmas. We leave for winter in Florida two days after the holiday. From now til then there are 10! doc visits for the humans and cats, last visits with relatives and then packing for the trip. Memory not being what it was, it’s done by lists and lists of lists. Over thanksgiving I loaned my little red sports car to a relative and it got totaled. So there’s dealing with the auto body and insurance company. I volunteer at a local animal sanctuary.
    I’m a poor sleeper so I wake early and go over all the above, hoping I don’t forget anything important. This morning Den wakes up, looks at me and asks” Are you worried about something?” Damn right I am.
    I think I can deal, do I trust delegating ? Or just the heck with it. No I can’t so, slog thru the next couple weeks, take the long drive and settle on the lanai with my cats and a cold drink.

  4. I, too, am trying to put together a blog as Jim and I stopped posting our travel adventures in 2013. Learning curve seems steeper than I remember in 2007.

    Because my sister was diagnosed this fall with a rare form of cancer, Stage IV, I stayed behind to help her this winter but Jim, at 78, decided to see if he could soldier on by himself to Thailand after being covid-thwarted for 3 years. So I am living vicariously through his much less adventurous travels and spending my time helping and worrying about my sister. The worrying part, as we all know, is not that productive. Probably the most productive thing I’m doing is trying new recipes that she might find tasty. She’s a better cook than I am so it’s a challenge.

    1. While you’re thinking and planning re your own blog, feel free to engage here. Your very unique perspective when you travel is always so interesting and informative, as I image will be the journey you are on with your sister. Who knows, you might even pick up a quick and easy recipe here.

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"There is no easy remedy for systemic injustice and long-established inequity, But we cannot wait for justice to thrive. we must nourish ourselves and each other along the path."

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